Since the advent of the dual-lite insulating glass (IG) industry, one of the cornerstones of a well-made IG unit has been the desiccant system. The main role of a desiccant is to remove all traces of moisture and chemical vapors that may be present during the construction of the window unit. The second task is to maintain a low dew point over the warranted life of the unit and beyond. If a desiccant system meets both these criteria, a well-constructed window should provide many years of trouble-free performance even in the harshest of climates.

As IG construction methods advanced, the demands on the desiccant system grew more complex. The ability to remove larger organic molecules that may outgas from sealant systems, paints and muntins between the lites became necessary to prevent formation of a chemical fog. This fog became easier to detect as construction with low-E glass grew.

Features: Easy fill, extremely low dust, great water adsorption, LowE compatible

Specifications: H2O adsorption=Value 16, Bulk Density lb.per cu. ft.=Value 77

Packaging: 55lb boxes, packed 25 boxes per pallet


Description of product: Global Brokers desiccant employs non-metallic minerals as the main raw material, being a kind of adsorption product for the needs of insulated glass, are suitable for all types of insulating glass. Its mainly suitable for organic glasses and moisture layers of insulated glass for avoiding formation of dews within insulated glass as to maintain good transparency under different temperatures and ensure the effect of insulated glass.

Technical Index:

Product Characteristics: Conformance to the international requirements for environmental protection degradability. Strong moisture absorbing capability and stable moisture absorbing velocity. Low dew point with excellent workmanship, and possibility to select the grain sizes and good fluidity.

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